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"I'm obsessed with my Mimi... it's SO gorgeous, and it feels amazing on!!  I love wearing it to bed.  Every night. I'm never going back to my old pajamas!"

Krystal F.

"I LOVE my Mimi.  I'm blown away by the quality and it feels like butter on my skin!  I ended up wearing it all day because I didn't want to take it off!"

Audrey M.

"I slept in my Mimi for the first time last night and it made all my dreams come true.  I feel so pretty in it!"

Brittany B.

"Just got my Mimi.  I knew it would be soft but... omg!  It's SO soft!!  And I love the fit.  It's perfect.  And so flattering! Basically I'm in heaven!"

Allie S.

"I have two Mimis, and they are my go to pajamas.  I wear them every night.  They keep you covered but are also so lightweight--perfect for sleeping!  I just feel so happy and pretty in them!"

Amanda K.

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