fancy comfy nightgowns

Fancy, Comfy Nightgowns

What is a Mimi Gown?

What are the two things that every woman wants, every day?  

Well--in addition to being the amazing, powerful, gracious babes that we are, and doing all of the BOSS things we do--at the end of the day, simply to feel pretty, and to be comfy.  

Enter: the Mimi.  

A Mimi is the sartorial personification of you living your best life: beautiful, happy, capable, and comfortable in your own skin. It's the first thing you want to put on when you get home and the last thing you want to take off the next day.  It's the dreamiest nightwear you can imagine, and it was designed for YOU!  Add a dash of fancy, et voila, you are now living your actual dream. 

A Mimi is a fancy, comfy nightgown.

Get it girl.

Nightgowns are back y'all, and they are fancier, and comfier, than ever.