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"Best Night's Sleep" Guarantee

We are confident that you will LOVE how pretty and comfy you feel sleeping in your Mimi.  So confident that we offer this guarantee:

When you get your Mimi, feel free to sleep in it for a night or two.  If it isn't dreamier than anything else you've slept in lately, feel free to return it!
Amazing, right?

But here are the rules:

  1. Put your Mimi on early in the evening (🌙)
  2. Do something FUN and/or relaxing before you go to bed (👯)
  3. As you're falling asleep, notice how your Mimi feels against your skin (😍)
  4. When you wake up in the morning, notice how you pretty you feel as your feet hit the floor (💃)
  5. Finally, wear it while you get ready that morning (💄)


And that's it!  If your Mimi doesn't help you feel like your prettiest, comfiest, best self, feel free to exchange or return it within 10 days of receiving it. Just send us an email for return instructions. 
(Returns postmarked beyond the 10 day return window, but before 30 days have passed, will receive in-store credit. Returns beyond 30 days can not be accepted.)
Can't wait for you to feel prettier and comfier than ever before!
xo Julie