What is a Mimi?

Are you tired of feeling like Frumptown USA at night in your old, ill-fitting, unflattering nightwear?  Are you ready to feel like BABETOWN USA?? (Because you know you are Babetown material;).

Then you've come to the right place.


Enter: The Mimi 

(i.e. the younger, fresher, cuter Mumu;)

A Mimi is a fancy, comfy nightgown designed to help you feel as beautiful getting ready for bed as you do getting ready for the day. 

Because when you think about it, what are the two things that every woman wants, every day?  

Well--in addition to being the amazing, powerful, gracious babes that we are--at the end of the day, simply 


to feel pretty,

and to be comfy.

And that's exactly how your Mimi will make you feel. 

So pretty

and so comfy.

No more feeling unrecognizably frumpy at night when you climb into bed in your old, ill-fitting, unflattering nightwear.  No more wondering what happened to all of the pretty, fancy nightwear of the past. No more ending up in just your underwear because there. is. no. better. option.

Because pretty nightwear is back. 

And it's fancier, and comfier, than ever.


So, are you ready to leave Frumptown USA??

Then put on your Mimi,

and get your beauty sleep, girl!